Professional Pre-production and Post-production Services

CanCan Translation is with you in Pre-production and Post-production Services as well. In addition to our translation and interpretation services, we are also with you in creating your visual content.

Our expert production team consists of persons who have proven competence in this field and have the necessary knowledge, acquisition and experience. The production process has basically two stages; “Pre-production” and “Post-production”. You can choose just our production service or buy this package in combination with our other services.

We shoot, build and complete your commercials to promote your brand. If you need voice-over for your content, we ensure that our voice-over artists step in.

Pre-production and Post-production Services

If you want to have the video conversations as text, we offer transcription services. If you want the translation of the written text, we provide transcription translation services. We can add subtitles. We can send the subtitle file in Time Code format or plain text. We’re dubbing your video content in any language you wish.

Since each of these processes is a separate area of expertise, we complete it by referring to the necessary units and deliver it as soon as possible. If you are seeking quality and speed in your translation and production needs, you can choose CanCan Translation Office. The draft we sample is a brief summary of our work. You can contact us to receive detailed information and to make use of one, several, or all of these services. You can reach us 24/7.

Our Video Production Process

Video production is a term related to film production processes. It is essentially a 3-stage process:

  1. Pre-production
  2. Production
  3. Post-production

In video production, first of all, we listen to your demands and expectations. Once we have agreed on the requirements, the projected delivery date, and the fee, we refer the file we have created to our expert production team. After that, we move on to the standard three-stage process.

Pre-production Stage

Pre-production process is the preparation stage. A lot of things ranging from financial commitments to players, and from script to management are determined here. It is extremely important that this process is short. To do this, you need to make point shots in a way allowing for fast movement. You can trust the competence and experience of our production team. You may want to purchase only pre-production service.

Production Stage

Production is the stage at which the production actually takes place. The script is shot at the designated place and time with various film production equipment. Since the video image is an art in its own right, the persons such as the expert director, player coach, and art director are needed. The day and time of the shots are specified in advance and, thus, the work begins at the designated time.

The video production stage has an extensive list consisting mainly of brand introductions, interviews, and short films. Of course, shooting a film is never enough. Video and audio files are referred to the post-production department, which we call the kitchen of the work, after the completion of shooting the film. Post-production is one of the most important stages.

Post-production Stage

Post-production is the stage at which the video data is processed. Creative post-production solutions require delicate craftsmanship. Our professional team makes arrangements with the necessary software and devices. The raw image is processed in layers. Visual effects, sound and music arrangement, building/editing, color correction, and motion graphics works are carried out. Though it is rare, if there are defects that may have occurred during shooting, they are cleaned up and, eventually, the completed video file is delivered in the format you requested. The video contents, excluded from the video recording with your consent or decision, are prepared and sent as a separate file, depending on your requirements.

As we mentioned at the beginning, if you want to integrate the video content with our other services, we also apply them and deliver your video films. We can also create your video designs, which are one of the most effective communication tools.

Be ready to get the best results with CanCan Translation Post-production services.

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