Professional Notarized Translation Services

At CanCan Translation, we provide notarized translation services, and we prepare your documents to be submitted to the official authorities with the help of our expert sworn translators.

All your documents of an official transaction nature are translated into the relevant language by our sworn translator, the necessary procedures are applied, and, after all these processes, they are notarized.

The content of our notarized translation services is quite extensive. We are aware of your workload and we are conscious of how important time is when a document needs to be translated immediately.

We take the appropriate steps to keep up with your speed. For your urgent notarized translation requirements, you can choose CanCan Translation office with peace of mind.

Notarized Translation Services

Sworn translation procedures are carried out through a notary. Our large scale notarized translation services, ranging from official correspondence to changing nationality, from birth certificates and passport procedures to marriage and divorce contracts, have the qualification that will serve to facilitate and accelerate your business and your processes.

The translation of your papers and documents is carried out by our sworn translator; then it is signed by the translator and stamped by the CanCan Translation office. The copy of the original document is placed at the bottom and the translation is placed at the top.

This file is prepared as a double copy, one is given to the notary, and the other is delivered to the customer. Remember, any document that has not been sworn translated cannot be notarized.

Please contact us to get general information about notarized translation fees or to get an affordable price quote on the sworn translation of your document.

CanCan Translation Office offers its experience and acquisition in notarized sworn translation to you.

Official document translation is referred to a translator who is specialized in the field, depending on the content and, of course, the type of your request. It is important for you and for us that the process continues in this manner.

If you wish, let us express both the subject and process and our vision in a little more detail. This will also reveal why we are highly preferred in sworn translation.

Our Sworn Translator Team

Our translator team is composed of people who are actively engaged in the translation profession. The sworn translators, who are involved in the process when it comes to official transactions, are also employed in our other translation services regularly and continuously.

The sworn translator is a person who has obtained the necessary certificate from the notary to perform official translation procedures. This certificate is an indication of competence in itself. One of the reasons we have created a team of sworn translators who specialize in various fields is the advantages that we and, to be frank, you benefit from.

As CanCan Translation, when we first set out we noticed that while we were trying to do our best with limited facilities, we needed to determine a field of expertise to manage our workload.

In order to deliver a quality translation, we had to learn a lot of subjects, ranging from terminology research to stylistic selections, for each text in a different field!

Of course, we have done our job in the best way and we continue to do it, but now we offer maximum quality in minimum time.

Sworn Translation Process

If an official document requires notarization, contact us. As a result of our previous interview, after we agree on our mutual expectations, we will forward your text to our translator, who is an expert on the subject and has the sworn translator certificate taken from the notary.

After the completion of the translation phase, we print out the document, have the interpreter sign it and stamp it. The final form of the sworn translation text contains all the necessar information and the translator’s statement of good conduct.

We deliver the official documents requested by governmental offices, academic institutions, banks, consulates, etc. For example, if you need a notarized translation for customs in a very short period of time, upon the delivery of the document to us, we start the translation and deliver it immediately.

For notarized translations, you can choose CanCan Translation office, which is committed to accelerating your business

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Frequently Asked Questions

Before work, you can browse the most frequently asked questions.

1. What are the types of translation?

Translation services can be provided as either translation or interpretation. Translation (written translation) is often performed in the fields such as technical, legal, literary, medical, etc. Interpretation (oral translation) is often used in television, meetings, and panels. Interpretation can be performed as a consecutive or simultaneous interpretation based on needs.

In simultaneous interpretation, the purpose is to transfer the speech to the listener instantly, while in consecutive interpretation, the speaker allows the interpreter to translate the speech by making pauses.

2. This is the first time I’ve work with you. May I request a trial translation?

Of course. In your translations over 10000 characters, we translate the first 1000 characters and continue the rest of the translation if your expectations are met. If your expectations are not met, we do not charge you for trial translation.

3. What is the translation fee? How do you calculate pricing?

The pricing is based on 1000-character units excluding spaces. Nevertheless, although a unit price is determined based on the number of characters, the factors such as the area of the translation, terminology, and the need for technical knowledge may affect the price. For the most accurate price information, use our “get a quote” module or contact us via e-mail address

4. How does your quality management system work? How can I be sure my translation is of the highest quality?

As soon as we receive your translations, they are checked by our editors and the first analysis is made. At this stage, the type, the number of characters, and the field of expertise of your document are determined and it is referred to an expert translator in that field. Our expert translator evaluates the text, carries out a terminology study, if necessary, and the translation process begins.

Your texts are taken into the proofreading process after translation and our expert editors confirm the final version of your text. Your document is always in the hands of experts during the whole process.

5. How can I calculate how many characters my document has?

You can copy your document to a Word file and see how many characters there are without spaces with the help of the “word count” feature.

6. How will you send me the translation?

We may send your translation in any format by e-mail or by courier. We have to send your notarized sworn-translations by courier, but we can send other translations to you by e-mail in any format you wish.