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CanCan Translation Services provides transcription and subtitling services with its translation services in 50+ languages.

These two areas require expertise and experience. We prioritize originality, and style suitable for composition, and finding the most accurate equivalents of local idioms, phrases, and proverbs.

In transcription translations, we decipher audio and video files contained in digital data with different file extensions and translate them into the requested language. It is also our priority to determine the character and word limits correctly in our translations and to ensure the synchronization of audio and video with subtitles. In addition, as in all other written translations, we adhere to the rules of spelling and punctuation, grammar, and correct and fluent writing.

What Are We Doing in the Transcription And Transcription Translation Processes?

Transcription translation basically refers to the translation of interviews, speeches, and meeting records in various media formats into a different language. Our intention with the concept of the record is pretty broad. For example, voice recording translation, speech recording translation, or text translation are included in our services. We offer a bi-directional service here. The first one is transcription, and the second one is the translation of the transcription.

We write down audio files in digital media, translate them into the language you wish, and deliver the completed file to you in the format requested. Since this work requires diligence, the process of transcription requires effort and expertise. Because, for example, the complement of a speech in video content is the video image. That is, it is necessary to make the most accurate translation depending on the video image.

We convert your audio-video recordings taken at seminars, symposiums, meetings, etc. into text with our team of translators and the necessary devices. At the customer’s request, we can prepare and deliver the transcripts in any format, including .doc, .rtf or .srt. Furthermore, the transcripts can be prepared in “standard composition” or “Time Code” format according to the customer’s request. In addition, we may make revisions to the transcripts that will suit your brand identity and industry, or re-examine a text, the transcription of which has already been made and rearrange it based on the standards determined by you.

Subtitle Translation

We are aware of the importance of subtitles in today’s global market, where media is the rising power. Video format content is a result of the fact that we live in the age of the internet, and various audiences ranging from end-users to corporate and public profiles demand audio and video images for information acquisition, learning, and brand recognition. At this point, we step in and ensure that your video content reaches everyone without meeting a language barrier.

The scope of the service we offer in respect of subtitle translation is quite wide. We have a long list which consists of social media video subtitle translations, subtitle translations for the film festivals, translations of brand advertising films, and subtitle translations for academic video projects. You send us the relevant file and tell us the language pairs for the translation and we’ll start right away.

After the transcriptions of short, medium, or feature film files, series and documentaries, and commercial films are made by our team, they are referred to the translation team and then checked by the editor for accuracy. After the last stage is completed, the completed file is delivered to you.

We treat Translation as Art and believe that it has an organic structure, therefore, it is the art of translation to choose the most accurate words and characterize them in accordance with the target audience of the customers. Remember, the composition is as important as the translation.

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