Professional Consecutive Interpretation Service

Consecutive interpretation is a type of interpretation mainly requested by companies engaged in or with the intention of engaging in international markets, and the organizations whose target audience includes various languages.

CanCan Translation promises to meet your needs in this respect with its professional consecutive interpretation services.

Consecutive Interpretation Services

After you reach us, we discuss with you the necessary conditions and issues such as the language, sector, price, date, etc. Following our mutual agreement, our expert interpreter takes over to communicate the necessary preliminary information, if any, and to make plans going forward.

Also, we must mention that our consecutive translation services may include language pairs other than Turkish. Like English to Spanish or German to English. For more information, see the ‘languages we provide’ section.

Besides your desk meetings or small-scale seminars, you can consider the consecutive interpretation services of CanCan Translation for your interviews as well.

We are with you in your live interviews with directors, players and coaches, and we look forward to representing you and your brand in the best manner possible.

We Are Here To Help You With Our Professional Consecutive Interpreters!

We can provide you with consecutive interpretation solutions with our interpreters, who have a brilliant command of both target and source languages, and who speaks both languages at the native level and are able to make immediate interpretation.

Our interpreters have a high-level of technical knowledge and good command of terminology.

We believe that language knowledge at the native level is important in consecutive interpretation services for different sectors. Oral interpretations contain everyday conversations, unlike written translation.

This means a wide range of daily and casual sayings to specific patterns and even jokes specific to that language. A strong understanding of all this ensures that the meeting process is efficient and pleasant.

We must add that it is not enough to speak a language for consecutive interpretation. Interpretation is also a matter of style, diction.

No matter how well you speak the language, being able to convey proper meaning, to pronounce words and sentences correctly, and to show emphasis and intonations in correct places is a crucial skill.

Thus, misunderstandings are prevented and incomplete information transfer is eliminated. Another aspect is having a strong memory. It is almost a tradition to formulate long sentences in meetings.

It is a problem to forget the sentence to be translated instantly or the translation.

You can trust our consecutive interpreters within the CanCan Translation Office. For pleasant and effective meetings where you will not worry “If everything has been fully conveyed” or “If there’s something missing”.

Confidentiality Of Personal Data Is Essential In Our Translations

Confidentiality is of the utmost importance in our consecutive interpretation services, as is the case with all other translations.

Preferred for either short or private meetings, by being aware of this we guarantee to protect the confidentiality of your information.

Moreover, we offer all these at affordable prices. CanCan provides consecutive interpretation requirements in the most professional way, and you only need to take the other steps necessary to make business-related contacts, and to make the critical decisions.

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