Professional Consecutive Interpretation Service

Consecutive interpretation is often sought by companies operating in international markets or aiming to engage with them, as well as organizations serving multilingual audiences.

At CanCan Translation, we offer professional consecutive interpretation services tailored to meet these needs.

Consecutive Interpretation Services

Our service covers over 50 language pairs. For further details, please refer to our ‘languages’ section.

Our oral interpretation services are ideal not only for desk meetings and small-scale seminars but also for interviews.

Whether it’s live interviews with directors, players, or coaches, we’re committed to representing you and your brand excellently.

Expert Consecutive Interpreters at Your Service!

Our interpreters are fluent in both the source and target languages, offering native-level proficiency and immediate interpretation capabilities.

They possess extensive technical knowledge and a strong grasp of specialized terminology.

We believe that native-level language proficiency is crucial in consecutive interpretation, especially given the variety of sectors we serve. Oral interpretation involves everyday language, ranging from casual expressions and idioms to language-specific jokes. Our interpreters’ deep understanding of these nuances ensures efficient and enjoyable meetings.

It’s important to note that language fluency alone is insufficient for consecutive interpretation. Style and diction play a significant role. The ability to accurately convey meaning, correctly pronounce words and sentences, and appropriately use emphasis and intonation is essential.

This skill set helps prevent misunderstandings and incomplete information transfer. Also, a strong memory is vital, as long sentences are common in meetings.

With our team, you can have confidence in smooth and effective meetings without concerns about miscommunication or omissions.

Upholding Confidentiality in Our Services

We prioritize confidentiality in our interpretation services, as with all our translations. This assurance is particularly important for short or private meetings.

Additionally, we offer these high-quality services at affordable prices. With CanCan Translation, you receive professional consecutive interpretation, allowing you to focus on making essential business contacts and decisions.

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