Professional Voiceover Service

CanCan Translation helps you convey your message to a wide audience with its professional voiceover service. Our voiceover team helps you enhance brand image with good diction and strong oratory competency.

Voiceover Service

We provide voice-over/dubbing services for your video projects, movies and audio file projects, and we translate between the respective language pairs and deliver the files to you in a short period of time together with their voice-over. Our vocal artists are experts in their field with language competence and ability to use voice.

You can rely on our professional vocal artists for your advertising projects, website voice-over works, festival films, TV series and many more video/audio contents. Our voice-over services vary, so do not forget to contact us for detailed information.

What Is The Scope Of Our Voice-over Service?

Cancan Translation voiceover services offers you a wide list. Instead of writing all of these, we will share the ones that are widely demanded with you. The most popular voice-over service is advertisement voice-over and dubbing. Advertisement voice-over service ranges from social media platforms to television commercials and brand promotion videos.

Promotional film voice-over, perforated voice-over, news voice-over, e-book voice-over, educational film voice-over, animation voice-over, voice message voice-over, documentary and game voice-over are among the services that we provide.

One branch of our voice-over processes is voicing your Turkish text. The other branch is to perform dubbing by translating the voice-over text between the relevant languages. With the translation services we provide in 50 languages, we guarantee that the dubbing process will be pleasant, fast and efficient. Our expert team is waiting to provide voice-over service.

We Are Here To Help You With Our Expert Translator/Interpreter Team And Voice-over Artists.

Because voice-over and dubbing require versatility, we chose professional artists to make things easier for both you and us while creating our professional cadre. We promise you smooth and clear transmission, accurate emphasis and intonation, as well as impressive sound for a good voice-over process. When the translation of the voice-over text is required, our expert translator team steps in. After you select the relevant languages from the languages we provide translation service, first we carry out the translation, and then complete the voiceover. Let us explain this process in a little more detail.

What Do We Do In Our Voice-Over Process?

First, contact us for voice-over translation and dubbing service. After agreeing on source language and target language information, tone preference, delivery process, quality of text to be translated, sector information, price, etc. we refer your file to our relevant translator.

If you wish to check the translated text, we send it to you in the format you requested. We move on to the voice-over stage after your approval. Our voice-over artist reads the relevant text in the professional voice recording booth. The audio is sent to us for final inspection, and after passing our approval, it is delivered to you. In addition, we can synchronously integrate audio files into video content at your request. We have the necessary software and production team for this. We also have the capacity to complete this process in a very short period of time.

After we work together, you can choose us for your voice-over works in following procesess and take the advantage of privileged opportunities. We have learned from our experience that our regular customers do not need to check and control the files due to the mutual trust and satisfaction. That saves time for both you and us. Providing professional translation services in 50 languages, our office, besides voice-over and dubbing, also offers video production services. Let us produce your advertisement films, website video contents, or training videos, and deliver them to you after preparing the necessary subtitles and voice-overs. Please note that you can contact us 24/7 for information on all these professional services.

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