Professional Proofreading Service

CanCan Translation can increase the brand value of your literary content with a proofreading service.

Regardless of whether it is a sentence, a motto, or a long composition, we carefully examine all content and make the necessary arrangements to deliver it to you.

Proofreading Service

We have a bi-directional process here. The first one is proofreading after translation and the second one is a direct final reading of the text. We offer you proofreading of the texts that we have translated for free.

We have a professional team for all translation, proofreading, and content production services. You can contact us for your translation, spelling, and content checking processes and share with us what you are interested in. Let us brief you on our proofreading service.

Why Proofreading is Important For Us?

Proofreading is an important tool on the road to professionalism. In the simplest terms, it means reviewing and examining a fully translated text.

Speed and quality are determined during the translation of a text. What makes a translation company qualified is its ability to create files of maximum quality in minimal time. This makes final reading and editorial checking imperative. A text that has not been proofread is actually incomplete.

Changes may be minimal in a text that is sent for proofreading from the translator, but it only becomes clear after the proofreading that no correction should be made to the text. Redaction, correction, and proofreading complete the delivery of the text without errors. Quality wording attracts quality customers. This, in turn, raises brand image and perception.

Let us inform you about our final reading process.

What Does Our Proofreading Process Include?

Our Proofreading process has two stages.

These are the last reading of the texts we have translated and the last reading of the contents that have already been translated. The proofreading of the texts, which we have translated, is also our responsibility, so you are not expected to pay any fees for this. We are able to take different kinds of papers and documents for translation and final reading. We have a list ranging from instruction manuals to corporate documents, from brochures to academic theses, from film scripts to advertising texts.

Once you contact us, we can discuss with you the translation languages, sector details, special demands, price, etc. As a result of our mutual agreement, we refer the text you have sent to us to our expert translator. After our translator completes the translation phase, the file is sent to our proofreading team. For the redaction of the translated text, we take delivery of the file from you and note your demands, and special requests, if any. Then we refer the file to proofreading. From this point on, the process works the same for both stages.

Our proofreader examines the text comparatively. In other words, the original text is on one side, and the translated version is on the other. This process applies to every file except where the customer does not want a comparative reading. In the final reading, our expert team examines the readability, spelling and punctuation, and grammatical and spelling accuracy of the text. The completed file is delivered to you.

We would like to remind you that the text obtained as a result of professional work contributes to the production. Error-free content improves reliability and guarantees continuance. This is valid both for you and for us. At this point, you can trust CanCan Translation Office. We deliver quality content to you and you provide quality service to your customers. You can contact us with any questions you have about our translation and interpretation services, our team, or our field of activity.

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