Professional Simultaneous Interpretation Service

We provide great convenience, especially in conferences, seminars, symposiums, and large-scale organizations that require knowledge and skills.

Simultaneous Interpretation Service

It eliminates the interpretation for the crowd one by one. What important speakers say is learned instantaneously.

It is an ideal form of communication for speakers of different languages. Increased participation raises motivation and, therefore, the number of international events held increases. It is highly developed in metropolitan cities. Of course, the fact that the metropolitan cities are very active in terms of events and organization plays a key role, here.

It is also necessary to add that the interest and need for interpretation are increasing day by day. Thanks to increased international interaction, simultaneous interpreters are sought for both artistic activities and business-based sectoral conferences.

Professional Simultaneous Interpretation Service

Whether written or oral, it is essential for translation that the subject is translated by experts properly. Just as in translation, which refers to translating a text from one language into another, there are several steps in simultaneous interpretation. In this type of translation, the interpreters are specially trained to ensure that they have mastery of both languages and that their quick-thinking ability is very strong.

For instant interpretations that require technical knowledge and acquisition, it is essential that the interpreter has a good command of vocabulary and terminology. Otherwise, for example, in a medical simultaneous interpretation, not having knowledge of medical terms may cause communication gaps and even the interruption of the lecturer’s speech.

Another characteristic that a simultaneous interpreter should have is good diction. No matter how good he/she is in interpretation, the problem arises when words are not pronounced and spoken correctly. All these qualities are essential for those in the hall to understand the speaker and for the efficiency of the process.

How is Simultaneous Interpretation Carried Out?

Simultaneous is one of the translation types and is quite different from the written translation. In simultaneous interpretation, the interpreter is in a sound-insulated booth, wears headphones, and has a microphone in front of him/her. He/she translates the words and phrases coming to his/her headphones into the requested language simultaneously and says them to the whole hall with the microphone in front of him/her.

The source language (the language of the speaker) is transformed into the target language (the language requested) by means of special equipment prepared for the listener. The special equipment allocated for the listener may be speakers positioned at certain points of the hall, as well as individual headphones given to each listener. For a quality simultaneous interpretation, it is necessary to choose the correct translation office.

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